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Prize Wheels

Prize wheel wall stand Save 9%
$172.25 $155.99
Custom prize wheel lay down Save 9%
$253.10 $230.99
Save 9%
$376.95 $344.19
White prize wheel with stand Save 9%
$460.10 $419.99
Color prize wheel with stand Save 9%
$460.10 $419.99
Money prize wheel with stand Save 14%
$699.95 $599.95
48 color wheel made in the usa Save 20%
$1,250.00 $995.00

Casino Game Supplies offers a variety of prize wheels including custom wheels, color wheels, money wheels and dice wheels. Our custom wheels can be built to your exact specifications. Some of the common options you can customize include size, coloring and graphics. We also offer folding and stationary prize wheel tables and prize wheel accessories including wheel stands, carrying cases and lay downs / betting boards.